[SIC] 147: Dye Job

July 1, 2021

Hi all,

Back in the US - Copenhagen was a great time - and so back to it. Lots of stuff this week per usual, hence the subject headers. That said, it was really gratifying to hear from so many of you weighing in on the ideal volume of content for these newsletters. The majority said keep ‘em long, but I got some great, considered arguments for more editing - notably from Eugene Kan, whose own Maekan newsletter is not only tightly edited, but also a regular source of material for me. Check it out.

Speaking of great source material, [SIC] Talks returns today at 4P ET with Casey Lewis as my guest. Casey’s the editor of the recently-discovered-but-totally-essentially After School newsletter, which rides the wave of Gen-Z trend coverage as well as anyone out there. Casey and I've only ever spoken over email, so it’ll be fun to get to know her. Check it out on my IG @dietznutz today and join in via the comments, or find it in my grid thereafter.

And now, the links await. Enjoy x B.

=====[SIC]147: Dye Job=====

The Stuff to Start With: 

Stuff to do now that the world is open again: 

Stuff to read and look at: 

Stuff to buy: 

Tech Stuff: 

Stuff brands be doing: 

Stuff that’s fun and weird for doing over the long weekend: 

Stuff to Fix: 

Stuff to Wear: 

Stuff about Legends:

Stuff About Stuff to Listen To: 

Stuff to Watch:

Digital Stuff meets IRL Stuff:

Sustainable Stuff: 

Random Stuff to End On: 

=====[SIC]147: Dye Job=====