[SIC] 149: Nation of Inge

July 15th, 2021

Hi all,

Another week of internet in sweaty BK, for which I count my blessings. News out of Cuba over the last week (to say nothing of the Facebook book, Britney expose etc) has been distressing; access to information should be a human right. For a small sense of what’s happening down there, my chat with old friend Jauretsi Saizarbitoria on [SIC] Talks last June is a useful starting place; she was in Cuba at the time and has been a cultural lifeline forever. Follow Jauretsi, too.

No [SIC] Talks this week, but next week I’ll be joined by Dimepiece’s Brynn Wallner, who’s exploded into watch world this summer and who seems like a great vibe. It’ll be next Thursday 4p ET / 1p PT on my IG Live @dietznutz. In the meantime, a primer: Brynn get the “Ask a Regular” treatment in The Suitest’s summer issue.

While I’m at it, also new in travel: longtime buddy and brand-creation whiz Gillian Schwartz’s Elsewhere is a new newsletter for storytelling via places and the recos are very very spot on. Disclosure: I’m contributing. So…. sign up!

As always, I’m grateful to MY contributors. Thanks Moose, Kevin, David, Lara, Isaac and Iolanda for suggestions this week. Also, today’s art is “Watching a Dumpster Fire” by Vonn Cummings Summer, sniped from Hyperallergic (whose contemporary art newsletter is another one you should subscribe to).

Oh also, I’m wrapping this week with what will be a regular section going forward: Things to Do IRL this Week. Scroll down for that. And if you’ve got ideas for future weeks, send ‘em please. I’m in NYC but I like hearing about everything happening everywhere. Hope I’ll catch you at one of these things soon, too.

x Ben

=====[SIC] 149: Nation of Inge=====


  • Start here: Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen talks to "Alexander the Grate," who has spent 40 years — more than half of his life — living on the streets (and heating grates) of Washington, DC. He prefers the label NFA (No Fixed Address) rather than “homeless,” since in his view we’re all a little bit homeless: even millionaires are just one catastrophe away from losing their mansions. The audio, video, and transcript here. (Conversations with Tyler

  • ThEM talks to Pedestrian magazine’s Alex Wolfe about a recent stroll from Brooklyn to Philly (The Early Majority)

  • On the flipside, Roku and Maker’s Mark are launching a talk show miniseries meant to mimic the feeling of having a cozy cocktail at home with your friend Randall Park.

  • Related: YouTube is bringing back its CMO series of interviews with creators (AdWeek

  • If I gave you party would you come? Via Music Redef: Polyglot listener and long-lost [SIC] compadre James Murphy was on  WTF with Marc Maron

  • While Uniqlo’s surprisingly excellent Life Wear magazine has interviews with 🐐types Haruki Marakami and Tadao Ando

Brands & Marketers:


Trending (both meanings):

The Metaverse:

Designing and Fashioning:


  • S/O Trevor Silmser: Andrew W.K.s classic I Get Wet LP - his 2001 debut w/ 'Party Hard' is back out on vinyl at Turntablelab. I’m listening to it (on my phone) RN and it is a thing of dumb, ebullient beauty). 

  • On the more mellow side, optical all-stars Garrett Leight recruited Mathieu Schreyer for a summery Brazilianified mix to match their collab with Frescobol Carioca. Put it on in the sun. Congrats to [SIC] homie Barney Waters on taking the wheel at GLCO this week, btw. (Spotify

  • Also (darkly) mellow, via Music Redef: Portishead put out a cover of ABBA’s “SOS” on Soundcloud (Variety


  • [SIC] homie Nick Gazin got the Popeye Mag feature for his very excellent and very affordable album cover series (which I’d highly recommend you DM him to commission one).  (Instagram)

  • Corollary, via Lean Luxe: NYT on how to buy a work of art. My advice: start with something you actually like, please. 

  • Meanwhile fave graphic AND music artist Hisham Baroocha’s got a new Zanzo Musk EP with Wiki, which is another thing you should track down (Instagram)

  • Also there’s The Practicalities of Making Art according to [SIC] Homie Maia Ruth Lee (Granary)

  • Via Jing Daily: Move Over MoMA! How The Black Country Living Museum Became A TikTok Sensation (The Guardian)

Wild Thoughts:

Wild Ones:

In Need of Addressing:

  • From Lara Redmer:  “In case you haven't seen it already, I wanted to point you towards this piece that Zoe Scaman (I believe you mentioned her in a previous newsletter) wrote about misogyny in the advertising industry. Appreciate that in contrast to other content you feature this may not be a comfortable or "inspiring" read but it's an incredibly important conversation and the piece is already making waves in the industry.” (Musings of a Wandering Mind)

  • Also, what “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” Owes to Oscar Acosta (adrenochrome notwithstanding) (New Yorker)

Finally, Stuff to Do IRL:

  • Tonight, via Jonathan Mehring - See you at the big art show at Ace Hotel on 29th St. to benefit Teen Art Salon. (Instagram

  • Tomorrow, from Moose Huerta: “It’s on a Friday when you should be upstate. But just in case.” Release party for The Yawn Patrol Book documenting the Rockaways Surf Scene is Friday at Head Hi in Brooklyn (Instagram)

  • Saturday: [SIC] Retail homies Anthithesis NYC have a pop up with homemade products from Bandulu, Christine Espinal, Dailola, FSP Outdoors and Yükari this Saturday the 17th. (Instagram)

  • Next Week: [SIC] homie Dave 1’s Chromeo is doing a “Disco on the Hudson” Boat Cruise on July 23 (wifey’s bday, hint hint) (EventBrite

  • Also that day: PS1 Warmup is coming back (Instagram)

  • What wifey and I will NOT be doing that night (but will def revisit later: HBO’s Woodstock’99 doc, since we were there together (shivvvers) (YouTube)

  • Finally, on August 17th [SIC] Homie Matt Klein is hosting the inaugural Meme in the Moment festival and you can bet I will be there. (Zine

=====[SIC] 149: Nation of Inge=====