[SIC] 151: Mysterious Associations

July 29th, 2021

Hi all,

Forgive the delayed delivery this go-round; I spent the week at a kind of creative retreat called Saturnalia in North Adams, MA and my computer died mid-compilation during the drive back. Appreciate your patience.

I also appreciate the amazing bunch of people I got to hang out with this week; it was a sort of extended [SIC] Talk with creative brains from across industries and capabilities, but all super curious and open to possibility. Plus drinks. And food. And a visit to the really amazing Mass MOCA, where the art this week comes from. Both the Sol Lewitt sculpture on the left and the Jenny Holzer sign painting in the middle were new to me and not the kinds of work I knew them for previously, which was really exciting to discover. The unphotograph-able James Turrell wing of the museum is also literally mind-bending. Go see it.

And welcome to everyone I met this week at Saturnalia who joined the [SIC] list this week. Stoked to have you here. I’m also glad as always to have contributions from friends and creative brains Ricky, David, Kevin, Marcella, Larry and Ben. And pleased to be able to feature work of lots of friends and former colleagues this week, too.

To that end, a special shout out to my stalwart buddy and conversation partner Ruba Abu-Nimah, who aside from having the best IG moodboard going, has been setting the luxury and brand marketing world alight lately, with help from friends of her own. Proud of you and your squad, Ruba. Though the new “Not Your Mother’s” Tiffany campaign sparks backlash as Marketing Brew pointed out, it’s pretty genius, and pretty necessary, per Marketing Week. Marketing Dietz agrees. x B


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